Present throughout Quebec, La SAMS (Société pour les arts en milieu de santé) brings the benefits of music to people who are vulnerable, elderly or living in healthcare environments, through musical performances by professional artists. 

This project was inspired by that of the Health Arts Society (HAS), founded in British Columbia in 2006. Since its creation in 2009, La SAMS has presented almost 11,000 concerts and musical activities in over 850 establishments: hospitals, residential and long-term care centers (CHSLD), seniors' residences, rehabilitation centers, mental health institutes, palliative care and specialized day centers. In addition to its concerts, La SAMS has created the SAM'Chante choirs, for people with aphasia or Alzheimer's, as well as online and live musical rendezvous, to reach seniors at home.

With over 1,000 concerts a year, nearly 200 professional artists reach out to vulnerable audiences to bring them happiness, comfort and kindness. The impact of music on physical and mental health is now widely proven by numerous studies. 

La SAMS is the largest network of professional musicians offering customized concerts in healthcare settings.

La SAMS is aregistered charity. (No. 844005454 RR 0001)

La SAMS in figures


years of operation

580 000

people affected by our action

10 980

concerts produced since 2009


committed professional musicians

Frequently asked questions
  1. Are the artists giving the concerts paid? Yes
  2. Why are artists paid? Shouldn't they give the concerts voluntarily? Concerts at La SAMS are professional events and performed on a regular basis. It is therefore appropriate and necessary that the work of La SAMS 's partner artists be paid.
  3. La SAMS La SAMS currently presents live concerts almost everywhere in Quebec, even in the most remote regions. What's more, with our virtual initiatives, we can be present wherever there's Internet access.
  4. What types of music are offered? Concerts at La SAMS cover a wide range of styles, from Western classical, jazz and opera to world and traditional music. Whenever possible, we are happy to cater to your specific musical needs for celebrations, themes or special requests.
  5. How is La SAMS financed? Most of our funding comes from donations, public grants and independent income. As a registered charity, La SAMS can issue tax receipts to its donors.
  6. What should an artist interested in presenting a concert with La SAMS know ?La SAMS offers classical, jazz, singer-songwriter and world music concerts as mentioned above. Musical ensembles include professional solo, duo and trio artists. Concerts at La SAMS take place year-round, day and evening, weekdays and weekends. Concerts generally last 45 minutes. Every year, La SAMS receives several applications from artists interested in presenting a concert. As capacity is limited, certain groups or instrument types may be given preference.
  7. Do you need volunteers? Yes, La SAMS needs volunteers in Montreal and Quebec City and for our benefit activities. If you are interested, please contact us.